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Bass Jigs

Fishing enthusiasts and those that love fishing for bass always use us first for quality tackle and bass jigs that are the latest on the market, because they know we are just as passionate about angling as what they are.

Choose from a stunning range of the latest state of the art brand name bass jigs and other incredible fishing tackle to completely re-kit yourself or add to your collection of current tackle. Everyone knows that fishing is a great sport and means of enjoyable relaxation. It can be a great way of spending quality time with your family or if you do it as a sport, a thrilling and exciting means of social interaction. It can be rather expensive to start from scratch, putting together a complete set of fishing tackle and bass jigs, but because of this we offer the lowest prices online for all our fishing tackle and many new customers come to us due to recommendations from other fishing enthusiasts.

Bass fishing is very popular amongst angling enthusiasts and having the correct tackle goes a long way to making it even more thrilling. There are many species of bass and they are renowned amongst anglers to be a really good fighting fish and well worth going for. Using top quality bass jigs is very important because inferior tackle may result in you losing a great fish. Bass can grow to monstrous sizes and are hunting fish, so using quality bass jigs and other inventive bass tackle that we offer will go a long way to make your bass fishing a really memorable occasion.

If you love fishing and take some time browsing through our delightful and very extensive range of bass jigs and other complementing equipment, you will definitely be spoiled for choice because there are so many great offers available.

We stock all the top quality brand names in bass jigs and a huge assortment of other great tackle that you can now browse through in the comfort of your own home. You can purchase everything we have at the best prices online and the latest on the market bass jigs that will make for superb bass fishing. We have just been restocked with superb new ranges of bass jigs that we know you just have to get your hands on, and you can see some prices and images on our site to make your choice easy.

Conquistador Tackle makes fishing great again with all the excellent quality tackle for fisherman enthusiasts. Whatever it is you need for fishing we stock it with pride, from the best bass jigs to rods, reels, fishing weights and much more. If there is something special in particular you need for bass fishing, or an item that is not listed on our site, simply give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you in every way possible.

Our mission is to provide the best fishing gear with customer service excellence.

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