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WiredWorm Product Line   Color Advantage

The WiredWorm product line is a complete worm fishing system. The WiredWorm products include the two straight tail worms, 550ST, and the 450ST, plus a curl tail worm, the 550CT.



Colors Galore
Conquistador Tackle is dedicated to giving anglers the advantage of selecting a wide range of colors to meet individual preferences and changing fishing conditions.

Because WiredWorms are hand poured, it is possible to create any color combination that is imaginable. Conquistador Tackle will introduce new colors as we follow the latest trends and respond to customer requests.

Superior Components

Premium Hooks


Warning: The darter head contains lead, a chemical known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not place your hands in your mouth after handling this product. Do not place the product in your mouth. Wash your hands after touching this product.

Note: The darter is painted reducing the potential for lead exposure.


Stainless Steel Wire
Strong stinger hook connector completely hidden in the body of the worm.

Tough Durable Plastic
Special formula designed to hold the stinger hook in place fish after fish.

Darter Head Jigs
Darter jig with barbed collar holds worm on tight.

Superior Design 

Trailer Hook Design
WiredWorms provide added hooking power for more hookups and more fishing success. If an angler is using a Texas rig and is having difficulty hooking up with biting fish, then switching to a WiredWorm will give the angler an added tool to catch more fish.

Hidden Wire Trailer Hook Connector
The connector between the darter head and trailer hook is a wire that is completely hidden in the body of the worm.

There is no mistaking the quality of this design. You can see in the photos of our worms and you can feel it when you grab the trailer hook. It is a tight and direct connection to the darter.

WiredWorm Straight Tail Worms

The concept of a double hooked worm starts with its straight tail "do nothing" design. Straight tail WiredWorms glide through the water with no added vibration making for a finesse style presentation, important when fish are in a neutral or negative mood. (This is often called a "soft bite".) Under tough conditions the fish often don't inhale the entire bait and sometimes "tail bite" the worms. When this happens, the addition of a trailer hook will produce more hookups.

WiredWorm straight tail models end in "ST". Check out models 550ST and 450ST.

WiredWorm Curl Tail Worm

The WiredWorm product family also includes a curl tail worm. At times when the fish are more aggressive they sometimes prefer curl tail worms. WiredWorm curl tail tail model is the 550CT.

Check out model 550CT.

All orders $50 or more ship free.

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