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Nucli-Eye Aurora

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Nucli-Eye Aurora
LED Crappie Fish Attracting Light
(Crappie Light)
(Patent Pending)


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Named after the Greek Goddess of First Light, the revolutionary new Aurora renders all fluorescent and incandescent fishing lights obsolete.

- The three small extreme output LED's emit massive amounts of pure green light only at the specific wavelength of color proven to best attract baitfish and their predators.

-Machined from solid aluminum stock to the same high standards as all of the Nuclieye line and built to outlast your boat.

-Fully waterproof to virtually any depth and thermally protected from damage if used out of the water.

-May be mounted to the side or bottom of the boat using the supplied suction cup or suspended by its eye bolt or cord.

- The Aurora emits a smooth 170 degree beam of attractive green light to draw predatory fish from great distances.

-Uses less than 1/3 the power of the typical 4 foot fluorescent lamp while emitting 3 times the amount of light. Emits no UV light. -

Completely solid-state device with heavy-duty power cord made to endure many years of use. -

LED's are rated to exceed 2,000 nights of fishing pleasure.

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