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Nucli-Eye Extreme UV LED Fishing Black Light (Patent Pending)
Three times brighter 1/5th the power usage of the leading competitor and so small that it fits in the palm of your hand!

This is the most innovative fishing product that has hit the market in years. Everybody who has seen the Nucli-Eye Extreme is amazed that something so bright comes in such
a small package. Get yours today and be amazed!

Want to spend less? Check out the Nucli-Eye Atom.

Want to attract Crappie? Try the Nucli-Eye Aurora.

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$249.95 (discontinued item)

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discontinued - 10'cigarette plug
discontinued - RCA Connecctor
An entirely new concept in fishing black lights. A blend of cutting edge technology and tournament demands, in a totally new fishing light system.

- One row of the UV LED to illuminate your florescent line.

- One row of blue LED lights to provide the extra lighting you need to light
- up the lake.

- Two choices to power the unit:
- 1 - 10 foot cord with cigarette plug, 2 - RCA connector for the Sloan mount.

- Three lighting modes, UV only, blue light only 100% power, UV and 50% blue
- light together.

- 360 Lumes, or 3 times the output, and 20% of the power usage of the
- leading competitor.

- 160 degree beam angle - 1/34th the size of the leading competitor with 12%
- wider beam angle.

- 1/10th the weight of the leading competitor.

- Solid state device, no glass lamps to break or burn out.

- Rugged anodized aluminum case.

- Dual mounting configuration for top or edge placement.

- No harmful UV B or C radiation.

WOW! Look how small it is. The Triton decal is bigger than the light. Triton console view.
Six pound line looks like rope with only three tiny LEDs. Move it to the front and side mount it.
UV Light Hazard. Avoid looking directly at light.
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