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Drop Shot

Before going on any fishing trip it is always vital to have the right equipment. Naturally the best quality tackle, including rods, reels, drop shot rigs, lures and weights, are just a few items that your tackle box will be full of. If you are new to fishing you may want to find out how to tie and use drop shot rigs for the best results for hunting fish and enjoy a great fishing experience.

Most fishermen boast of having the answer to drop shot rigs and the best ways to put them together, and also where to find the best drop shot accessories as well. At Conquistador Tackle we have just been restocked with sensational latest quality state of the art fishing tackle and equipment. You can purchase anything you need at the best prices online as well.

We ship promptly after secure online purchase and if you are planning a bass fishing expedition or sea fishing holiday, then get everything you need including great drop shot accessories and worms from us today. Good drop shot rigs are essentials to keep in a tackle box with your hooks, lines, lures, jigs and sinkers.

Check out some of the fabulous, top quality hooks and bass jigs we have stocked because as you know, best quality equipment is an important part of fishing because without it, you will not be catching any fish at all. Drop shots are special rigs that are used for bass fishing, and you can design your own with some ideas. The trick is to keep the bait off the bottom because bass do not feed there. Your weight will thus always need to be below the baited hook.

You can make drop shot rigs using artificial worms, lures or fresh bait, but make sure they are well put together otherwise your fish will have a free lunch. At Conquistador Tackle you can buy anything you need, from drop shot accessories to lines and great quality running sinkers as well. Get drop shot sliding bullet weight sinkers to tie below your drop shot rigs, and much more for a fun and enjoyable fully equipped fishing experience! Read some great information and articles on our website, and while you are looking at our products you can check prices and specifications as well to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

For any hunting fish like bass, a great drop shot rig is the answer and we will be glad to give you advice and ideas because we are also passionate about fishing ourselves.

Check back often at our site because we are adding new products as soon as they become available on the market, keeping all fisherman happy.

Once you start fishing regularly, you will find out which drop shot lures and rigs work the best for you and those that do not work at all. Try some of the newly stocked, state-of-the-art bass jigs and other products, and we know you are going to have an exciting fishing expedition with them.

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