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  "Wire Tied For Life"
With Stainless Steel Wire
 Premium Bass Jigs
The finest jigs start with the finest hooks and the cornerstone of all Conquest Jigs are Mustad UltraPoint hooks.
Stainless Steel Wire
The jigs skirts are tied with stainless steel wire. The skirts will NOT fall apart after a few months in your tackle box.
The finest jigs start with the finest hooks and the cornerstone of all Conquest Jigs are Mustad UltraPoint hooks.
Flipping Jigs here   Casting Jigs here
The Conquest Flipping Jig is a bass jig designed for heavy duty fish in heavy duty cover. The head is designed to slip through the heaviest cover with out hanging up. The hook is a heavy duty super sharp Mustad Needle Point 60° flipping hook. This hook will not break or bend when you need the extra power to pull the big fish from the thickest cover.   The Conquest Casting Jig is especially designed for fishing rocky western reservoirs with spare cover. This jig uses a light wire hook perfect for using light line in clear water. This jig is designed to be worked on the bottom. The head style keeps the hook point up and away from rocky hang-ups. When this jig is used with the craw trailer, the claws float up imitating a crayfishes defensive posturing.

Conquest - Jig Rattles
Football Jigs here
Shaky Jigs here  

 Darter Jigs here

 The Conquest Darter Jig is the same jig used in our WiredWorm products. Conquistador Tackle uses this darter in our industry leading double hook worm for a reason, because it is the best many can buy! If you like fishing worms with open hooks, then get yourself some of these. We offer various head colors to meet our customers needs. Try these with finessPro worms for a perfect fish catching match.

Warning: The Conquest Jig heads contain lead, a chemical known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not place your hands in your mouth after handling this product. Do not place the product in your mouth. Wash your hands after touching this product.

Note: Painted jig heads reduce the potential for lead exposure.

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