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Finesse Pro Baits - Conquest Hitch Hiker Coils

Size Count Price Price Ea.
S 10 $1.89 0.189
S 50 -Out- 0.105
S 250 -Out- 0.084
S 500 -Out- 0.079
Choose Qty. Size S $1.89 10 Pack Size S -Out- 50 Pack Size S -Out- 250 Pk Size S -Out- 500 Pk

Size Count Price Price Ea.
M 10 $1.89 0.189
M 50 -Out- 0.105
M 250 -Out- 0.084
M 500 -Out- 0.079
Choose Qty. Size M $1.89 10 Pack Size M -Out- 50 Pack Size M -Out- 250 Pk Size M -Out- 500 Pk

Conquest Hitch Hiker Coils are the lowest priced Hitch Hiker Coils in the USA. Do not let the price fool you. These are high quality Hitch Hiker Coils. Conquistador Tackle is committed to offering the highest quality at the best pricing in the USA. Conquest Hitch Hiker Coils are the same as sold in Barlows and Jann's Nett Craft Catalogs save on shipping and price. Compare and you will agree that this is a much better price.
FootBall Jig head picture is example. Jig head, Worms and hook not included. Hitch Hiker Coils are what you are purchasing.
Finesse Pro Baits
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The Conquest Jig heads contain lead, a chemical known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not place your hands in your mouth after handling this product. Do not place the product in your mouth. Wash your hands after touching this product.

Western Style Bass Jigs
Premium Lead Jig Heads
Double Hook Worms

New Tungsten bullet weights
New Super Hard Lead Formula
Unique Hot Stamp Foil Finish

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