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Testimonial Page
On this page you will find testaments from anglers who have used WiredWorms and have taken the time to write Conquistador Tackle with their experiences. We would be glad to post your experiences with WiredWorms. Send us an email at:ctinfo@conquistadortackle.com. Include photos of your catch and you might find them on this page!

  See The Photo Gallery Page Here

Saguaro [Lake, AZ] 6/6 was rather slow, the jig bite really wasn't on after dark, so we started throwing the green pepper curly tail and the red and purple straight tail 1/4 oz and picked up 12 fish on the walls in the channel.  Had a 4 and a 6, with the others between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2.  The next morning we followed some guys throwing night crawlers off some main lake points and picked up 4 more with one at 4 pounds on the purple and red straight tail before we left at about 7:30.  Friday night 6/13 at Apache we were using the purple with blue fleck curly tailed worms and caught 2 before dark and then switched to red straight tails.  I caught 6 fish on 9 casts at about 8:30 or 9:00.  All between 2 and 4 pounds.  The bite slowed for about 3 hours and picked up again at about midnight.  Had 3 smallies and a couple more largemouth at or about 2 to 2 1/2.  Everything was red and we pretty much stayed on main lake points down from the Marina and then went back up around the Turtle island area later on until about 3:30 AM.  With all those fish in two weekends we only lost 3 with those hooks!

John Huscroft
Scottsdale, AZ


As the president of Conquistador Tackle I take pride in the quality of the WiredWorm product line. I use WiredWorms whenever the conditions dictate. This summer I've used WiredWorms to win an ABC club tournament with 5 fish for 18.5 pounds and used WiredWorms to win the ABC open with a 5 fish limit of 27.5lbs!

The first tournament I used 550RT.375 WiredWorms to catch two 5lb fish in the second tournament I used the 450ST.125 in color 201 and 141 to boat an 8lber, 6lber and a 5lber to anchor the 5 fish limit. Mike Casanova boated a 4lber on a 550CT.25 color 110. He landed that fish on the stinger hook, the big 1/0 Gamakatsu fine wire hook. Good hooks matter and stinger hooks put more fish in the boat. Every fish counts.

Joe Michels

Hi, I want to say thanks for the prompt service and great product!
About a month ago I was looking for a solution to short-striking spotted bass. I had remembered a tandem hooked worm from when I lived in AZ. Could not find any here in CA. Found your web site, ordered some baits, was I pleasantly surprised, not only were they on-time for my next tournament but they looked better than your photos show. Needless to say the proof is in the pudding, I used them at my last club tournament to help me finish 5th with 10.75 lbs! They worked on those tail biting spots like a charm. Thanks again and I'll be placing another order shortly!

Antioch, CA


Hi, I just want to tell you that I've been using Westy Worms[] for years, but from now on I will be buying WiredWorms. WiredWorms are better built than Westys[] and the hooks are so much better. I've caught a bunch of fish and haven't lost a single one. I know I will loose a fish someday on a WiredWorm. I really like the Baby Smallmouth color and the Watermelon colors.

Chuck Peters

Note: Westy Worms and Westys are a trademark of Lobina Lures.

Hi Joe!!
Just wanted you to know that I fished a tournament on Roosevelt Lake Saturday [Dec. 2001]. I was able to upgrade our fish and came in 6th place. I drop shoted your 5/16th Roosevelt Red wired worm. I caught two over the slot fish before the bite shut down. I will be placing more orders for your worms in the future, especially the Roosevelt red 5/16. Now all you need to do is to tell me what works best at Apache Lake.
Thanks G. Kelley

Mr. Kelly thanks for the kind words. For Apache try the 550CT in Watermelon or the new Baby Smallmouth. Also try the 450ST-3/16 in Bluegill and the 550ST-1/4 in Havasu Special or the new Copper Weenie. - Joe


While fishing a tournament on Bartlett lake I caught a limit of bass on crankbaits and sipnnerbaits. I started to look for was to up grade my small limit and I decided to try a WiredWorm a friend had given to me. I went to the steep rocks by the dam and started to throw a 4 1/2 inch [450ST.125] purple WiredWorm. I upgraded the limit and won the tournament and had big fish as well. I am sold that this [WiredWorm] is a better worm than what's on the market today. I'm looking forward to the night tournaments. I won't buy an other double hook worm.

Wish you the best,
Joe Inda

WiredWorms WIN the Allstar Night Championship
With a 6 fish limit weighing 28.69 pounds including an 6 pound kicker, the team of Michels and Casanova use WiredWorms to win. Check out the standings here.

The team used the 450ST, 550ST and the 550CT WiredWorms to boat the winning weight.


WiredWorms WIN the ABC Apache Open!
With a 5 fish limit weighing 27.50 pounds including an 8 pound kicker, the team of Michels and Casanova use WiredWorms to win. Check out the standings here.

The team used the 450ST, 550ST and the 550CT to boat the 5 1/2 pound average limit.

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